Enable CSD in GNOME Terminal

Client-side decoration (CSD) is the concept of allowing a graphical application software to be responsible for drawing its own window decorations, historically the responsibility of the window manager. GNOME applications is slowly migrating to client-side decoration. While some applications use CSD by default, others draw them only while running in GNOME session.

gnome-terminal with csd

Unfortunately, CSD is not used by GNOME Terminal if you launch it outside of GNOME session. Fortunately, there's a configuration option you can use to explicitly enable it. In order to do that just run the following command in your terminal:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.Terminal.Legacy.Settings headerbar true

The setting won't be applied as long as there's a running copy of gnome-terminal-server process. You have to terminate it and restart the terminal.

The configuration option is tested with gnome-terminal 3.40. It might or might not work with other versions.