Farewell, 2015!

I'm a little late to sum up, but better now than never. :) Well, 2015 was a year of travels. I've never visited before so many places in one year, just look at the record:

I'm so excited about them, and looking forward to have even more in 2016!

As for my programming life, nothing special has happened except, perhaps, that I started doing less coding that I'd want to. You see, in the end of fall two events took place:

So now my main focus is to make design decisions and choose direction to go. I barely have time for code review, but I hope it'll be resolved soon.

Besides that, Holocron - an extendable static site generator behind this blog - was finally released. Thanks a lot to my friend Andrii Gamaiunov for putting effort to make this happen. I'm glad to see how it's going despite lack of time, though there're few major things to be done before I can say «It's 1.0 release».

Summarizing: 2015 was a good year, and I expect 2016 to be at least as good as 2015 was, but hope it will be even better!

Happy Holidays!